Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the GRIBOI conference in Solothurn SWITZERLAND, Oct 16-17, prior to the Bioceramics 33 meeting,

GRIBOI’s mission is to foster the relationship of world’s experts on biomaterials science and bring together scientists, industry representatives, and clinicians from around Europe involved in bone injectates. PhDs active in product use and manipulation from research centers around the world will also be involved.

Two days of intertwined presentations involving clinical and research topics, as well as keynote abstract presentations. On the second day, there will be a hands-on workshop for people to see products and interact with companies.

Located in the heart of Switzerland’s medical device industry, with one of the world’s highest numbers of MedTech jobs per capita, Solothurn is an ideal place to foster contacts between leading experts in the field.

We look forward to meeting you in October 2023!
On behalf of the organizing committee,

Alexis Kelekis Marc Bohner  
GRIBOI President Congress chair  
Gamal Baroud Douglas Beall Jean-Michel Bouler
Allan Brook
Jiang Chang Oliver Clerk-Lamalice
Christèle Combes
Joshua Hirsch Jack Jennings
Christina Lidén
Malin Nilsson Diego San Millán
Sean Tutton    

Important Dates

  • GRIBOI Call for Abstract deadline is extended until July 14, midnight. Please upload your abstracts before, using the online submission system.
    Prior to GRIBOI abstract submission, registration to the conference is required. Payment of the registration fee can be postponed until notification of the acceptance of your abstract(s) in August 2023, but no later than September 03, 2023. Please register online here: Bioceramics 33 and / or GRIBOI Registration. If you indicate during registration that you would like to submit an abstract, we will automatically create an account for you on our abstract submission platform. You will receive the access data with the automatic registration confirmation directly after completing the online registration.
  • Registration deadline for accepted papers: 03.09.2023
  • Early registration deadline: 03.09.2023

Registration Fees


For sponsorships please contact the secretariat

Preliminary Program

Status: 16.07.2023

Session 1: 08:30-10:30
Registration 08:00    
1. Lecture 1.1 15min +5 min disc Spine Imaging and Navigation FILIPPIADIS
2. Lecture 1.2 15min +5 min disc Third-generation percutaneous vertebral augmentation system SANTIAGO
3. Featured abstract 8min + 2 min disc    
3. Lecture 1.3 15min +5 min disc Does a temporal drop of extracellular calcium level induce heterotopic ossification in injured tissues? BOHNER
4. Lecture 1.4 8min + 2 min disc   SAN MILAN
5. Discussion Cases 1.5 15min +5 min disc A Neiman Fellow on health policy considerations in device development (OLD TITLE: Regulatory and health policy considerations in device development) HIRSCH
Coffee Break 10:30-11:00    


 Session 2: 11:00-13:00
1. Lecture 2.1 15min +5 min disc The calcium carbonate - calcium phosphate system as a toolbox for injectable and customized bone cements COMBES
2. Lecture 2.2 15min +5 min disc Ablation and cement augmentation for the treatment of painful osseous metastatic lesions JENNINGS
3. Featured abstract 8min + 2 min disc    
3. Lecture 2.3 15min +5 min disc Development of injectable bioactive composites for tissue repair CHANG
4. Lecture 2.4 15min +5 min disc Basivertebral Nerve Ablation: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Challenges BEALL
5. Featured abstract 8min + 2 min disc    
5. Discussion Cases 2.5 15min +5 min disc   TUTTON
Lunch Break 13:00-14:30     


Session 3: 14:30-16:30
1. Lecture 3.1 15min +5 min disc Spine Instability: from the diagnosis to the treatment MANFRE
2. Lecture 3.2 15min +5 min disc Disc augmentation with PMMA bone cement with and without cement softener – pre-clinical and clinical review NILSON
3. Featured abstract 8min + 2 min disc    
3. Lecture 3.3 15min +5 min disc Interventional treatments for discogenic back pain CLERC
4. Lecture 3.4 15min +5 min disc Back Pain Management: The Ladder from Imaging to Treatment KELEKIS
5. Featured abstract 8min + 2 min disc    
5. Discussion Cases 3.5 15min +5 min disc Management of Tarlov cysts an uncommon but serious life-altering spinal column disease – What do we know now through evidence and experience with over 1,000 patients? MURPHY

The GRIBOI association, or Society for Injectable Osteoarticular Biomaterials, is a  multidisciplinary group of professionals interested in injectable biomaterials.

GRIBOI stands for "Groupe de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur les Biomatériaux Ostéoarticulaires Injectables", at first a local French organisation led by Dr. Hervé Deramond, pioneer and founder of vertebroplasty.